My beautiful bougainvillea and jacaranda

Hi folks! I’m back again, but this time I’m going to be short and sweet (as my mother forewarned me! ‘Keep it short and simple!’ was her advice). Was that a sigh of relief I heard?…

So, I just wanted to share this beautiful combination of colours with you: the intermingling of the blue jacaranda flowers with the pinky-mauve of the climbing bougainvillea in my country garden, here in Posadas (Cordova, Spain).

I hope you enjoy it!

And this was the majestic sky over the jacaranda tree and bougainvillea, just before sunset…

Thank you for visiting — see you soon — stay happy and well.

(PS: Next time I vow to use my camera and not my Samsung Galaxy — that is, if I manage to get through the PhD booklet of fancy instructions!)