Sardines for lunch again! (Well, at 4.95 €/kilo you can’t complain, can you?)

Hello all!

Just a very brief blog. Brief? You may already know the reason why

Anyway, the title explains the contents, so there’s no need for words. I just couldn’t resist it.

The cats enjoyed them as much as we did — that is, when Dingo let them come down from the tree!

Take care — bye for now xxx

Sardines for lunch! (At my country abode in Posadas, province of Cordova in Andalusia)

Hi folks!

Yesterday I went to the fishmonger’s and bought a kilo of fresh sardines for lunch. They were on offer at 3 euros a kilo.

I went home and fried them in a little flour and chopped parsley, garlic and capers.

Needless to say, I gave the unwanted bits to those that were waiting hungrily in the garden, licking their whiskers.

I took a video of them eating because it was amusing to watch the greediness of one of the kittens and hear the warning growling it made while eating. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to put up this video, so I have included this (silent) slide show instead.

The greedy kitten is also very fierce — my daughter has named it Santiago, after Santiago Abascal, the leader of the far-right political party here in Spain — VOX.

Thank you for visiting me — hope you’re all well and in good spirits! Bye for now x