The incredible art of lacemaking and the incredible women that do it!

Hi folks! I hope you are well.

This is a short blog today, as I’m very pressed for time due to my translation work, so there will be mainly photos.

The shots are of women and young girls making lace and were taken at a gathering in the village of Cerro Muriano (north of Cordoba, Andalusia). I am also in their group, but as yet am not brave enough to take on this skill! They are fantastic and their work is stunning! I think the photos speak for themselves…

I say ‘they are fantastic’ because lace-making is just one of the numerous skills these ladies possess: they are also brilliant in all sorts of needlework, art and crafts, such as basket weaving and macrame, as well as being number one cooks, working in the fields, or in restaurants, bars, shops, hospitals, offices, industry, or running businesses while tending to their families, caring for elderly parents and grandchildren, looking after their homes with pride, beautifying their patios with a whole host of plants, and cleaning their streets etc., etc., etc. They have lived through very hard times, especially after the civil war and during Franco’s dictatorship when Spain was in economic crisis and food was scarce, and the large majority of the population was nursing physical, emotional and psychological wounds.

I certainly take my hat off to them!

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