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Hello all! As you might already know (if you have read my profile), I have been living in Cordova for just over thirty years now. Apart from teaching and translating, I love art and craftwork and also writing. I have written a book (mainly humorous and very illustrated!) about my experiences of living as an immigrant in this corner of inland Andalusia — and I also talk about the culture, history and geography of Córdoba and surrounding villages. Some of my blogs include excerpts and illustrations from my book, An English Lady in Cordova — the ‘Alternative’ Guide (which is, for now, available from me).

My other blogs talk about my days out and places I visit (illustrated and not only informative, but hopefully amusing too. There’s nothing like a good laugh!). I also like to include poetry, quotes, literature, photos and nature.

Anyway, that’s enough blurb for now — I hope you enjoy sharing these places and experiences with me…


Me sitting on the grassy, dandeliony and daisy-covered foot slope of the Sierrezuela Natural Park that lies just next to Posadas village (approx. some 25 miles west of Cordova). There are loads of ‘Palmetto’ dwarf palms that grow wild (the dates are good for the tummy apparently), and you can also find wild asapargus, thyme, as well as saffron milkcap mushrooms (that’s a mouthful!) — and other edible stuff too. If you happen to be there, don’t forget to visit the Stone Age dolmens and the Roman and Moorish quarries and watering holes. A place of great beauty and energising oxygen. There are picnic benches, barbeque spots, a bar/restaurant and also a ziplining adventure thing that lets you zoom across from one pine tree to another. Great place for nature-lovers, trekkers, mountain bikers, fauna and flora lovers, camping enthusiasts and the historically-inclined — or just simply those that like good nosh and booze! If you want to know more about this beautiful spot, you can visit

— You can see some of my art work in my Etsy shop here:

— In this link, you can view my book ‘Edward’s Secret and the Enchanted Throne’ (for children — travel, fantasy-fiction)

And below are some of the things that I have painted:

PS. Please excuse the poor photography — I am a beginner. I’ll have a second bash at it some other time (and will remember to clean the camera lens first!).

Thanks for taking the time to read me! I always welcome comments and questions, as I love to interact with people.

Bye for now! xxx

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