Lent and reflections on Divinity

Hi folks! I hope you are well, especially in these worrying times of unrest and division…

With Lent and Easter just a short way away, I wanted to share some classic Lent music that I found the other day, as well as some enlightening teachings and reflections on Divinity (taken from the Nag Hammadi Codices).

To listen to the music, you can click on the link here. It is a thirty-minute recording, but you can choose which song to listen to:

And here is some thought for food and reflection:

‘…Although He is clothed in eternal life, He humbled himself, even unto death…

He was both knowledge and perfection, proclaiming the things that are in the heart of the Father. In doing this, He became wisdom to those who would receive the teaching…

While His wisdom meditates on the Word, His teaching speaks it, and His knowledge reveals it. His patience and mercy are a crown upon it. His joy concurs with it and his glory exalts it. It has revealed His image. It has received His rest. Around it, His love manifested in bodily form. His faithfulness embraced it… It is the fruit of His heart and expression of His will…

Light spoke through His mouth, and His voice produced life. He gave them thought, understanding, mercy and salvation. And the Spirit of strength which came from the infinite sweetness of the Father… He was the discovery for those who were searching, and He was a support for those who were unsure. He was purity for those who were defiled…

Speak to those who seek concerning the Truth and speak knowledge to those who have committed sin in their error. Make firm and stable the feet of those who stumble. Give your hand to the sick. Feed the hungry. Give assurance to those who are troubled. Give rest to the weary. Encourage men to love. Awaken men and make those who sleep stand. For you are the understanding which draws them. If the strong follow this path they will become stronger.

‘The father is sweet and His will is good… If you are children of the Father you will be known by your fruits and you will have His scent because you were born from the grace of His countenance…

…They yearn for that unique and perfect One who is there for them. They do not descend to the place of the dead. They do not have envy or groaning, or death in them. But they rest in Him who is rest. They no longer weary themselves searching for the truth. But they are the truth because the Father is in them, and they are in the Father. The Father is completely good and they are perfected by Him and they will never leave Him. They lack for nothing, and they are given rest and are refreshed by the Spirit…’


Wishing you a peaceful, thoughtful and meditative Lent season — one with many prayers for peace and love.

Take care — bye for now xxx

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