Busy translating!

Hello all!

Just a couple of lines to explain and excuse myself from my lack of blog activity over the last few weeks — I am very busy translating a book from Spanish to English, so at the end of the day my eyes are quite tired and my body a bit cramped and I find it rather strenuous to then continue writing more. Instead, I try to do some physical work to compensate: I either go for a walk, or attack the ever-flourishing weeds in my vegetable patch.

However, I do continue to read your blogs, even if a little late! So please bear with me (might be for quite a while) …

To finish with, here’s a photo: Sunday was Mother’s Day here in Spain, so here’s my booty! And Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and grandmothers, even if you’re not in Spain!

Carnations, earrings and lipstick (there’s nothing like an out of focus photo!)

Bye for now — take care! xxx

7 comentarios sobre “Busy translating!

  1. That does sound interesting, though I suppose it depends on the content of the book. A fabulous novel
    bildungsroman from a promising Spanish writer would be brilliant, but a technical treatise on the design of drill bits, perhaps not so?

    So enjoy being desk bound for a few weeks. I think you are doing the right thing in ensuring that you engage in something physical each day. Your mother’s day presents are lovely. Don’t save your earrings for something special – wear them while you are translating – with perfume and the lipstick!

    Me gusta

    1. That’s a good idea about the lipstick and earrings, Lisa — I think I will!
      I’m lucky with the novel: it’s about a man who wants to commit suicide but then is persuaded by an onlooker to accompany him for seven days on the Camino de Santiago. It’s reflective and quite philosophical — good stuff!

      Me gusta

      1. That does sound interesting. Are you doing Spanish to English or the other way round? I do wonder about the process for translation. Do you do a ‘first pass’ and then go back and revise it, armed with the knowledge of the whole book, or do you spend ages trying to get just the right phrase or idiom – or a combination of the two. I’m very impressed. My foreign language knowledge is very poor – schoolgirl french and can just about get by in Spanish. Good luck and enjoy. 😀

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Hello Lisa. I’m doing Spanish to British English (the other way would be pretty funny really!), and yes, I just whizz through it so that I can get the whole feel of the book and try imitate the author’s style, then I go through it with much more attention, recoining phrases, sometimes restructuring because Spanish punctuation is different from ours, and then I’ll probably have a final read through after having had a short break. Daunting but fun!

    Me gusta

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