Busy gardening and writing here in my country abode of Posadas (Cordova)

Hi folks — I hope you are all coping ok in these testing times…

I did have a whole post prepared with a lot of photos about my latest gardening pursuits and a couple of extracts from the children’s book I have written, but all this has gone to pot! I just noticed that all the photos of my last six blogs (up until the 24th of December) have now been eliminated because as I was trying to put up the ones of this blog, I was told that I didn’t have enough space, so I made a mistake of eliminating them from my ‘multimedia’, which unfortunately had the effect of deleting them from my last few posts! Very annoying, a simple mistake I made which apparently has NO undoing! So please BE WARNED! The only alternative it would appear, is to upgrade to a paid plan (4 euros / month) or delete the oldest photos from the first blogs. I shall think about this and see what I do in the future… So although I had this post prepared and full of photos, since none of them could be published because of the reason above, I am going to put my illustrated writing on hold for the present until I get this problem sorted out. In the meantime, at least this may serve as a warning to all of you…

Take care and hopefully I’ll continue soon xxx

4 comentarios sobre “Busy gardening and writing here in my country abode of Posadas (Cordova)

  1. Well, after having eliminated some of the photos from my past blogs, I released about 0.7 % of space in my multimedia, so I was able to put up the photos I had intended to in my ‘Gardening….part 2’ blog. In future though, I will probably go for the ‘personal plan’ which gives 6 GB of space for 4 euros/month. I’ll keep you updated…

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