The Boxing Day Chestnut Tree

Hello everyone — I hope you are all well and have managed to have a good Christmas / Boxing Day / holiday.

Firstly, sorry to say that the photos in this post and the last post have been eliminated due to insufficient space on the multimedia (see my later post for details…)

I would just like to share a couple of my Boxing Day photos with you:

A HUGE chestnut tree and my son working up his hunger for his Boxing Day meal!
The Boxing Day meal with his VEGETARIAN plate in the foreground (veggie sausages, roast potatoes, braised celery with peas, caramelised carrots in sweet wine, cabbage ‘agrodolce’, apple sauce and bread sauce). This was followed by mince pies and custard that he managed to buy from Iceland in Fuengirola on his way back home to our country abode in Posadas (Cordova province). It was a special meal because of the (partial) family get together.

And to finish with, here’s a poem about a chestnut tree written by a contemporary poet:

Beneath The Chestnut Tree Andrew Blakemore (1966)

Beneath the chestnut tree I lie
And gaze into the summer sky
And watch the clouds go floating by
Within the sea of blue.

Here I came at break of dawn
And I’ve remained throughout the morn
Feeling lonely and forlorn
With nothing else to do.

Resting in its leafy shade
Upon the firm and grassy glade
The afternoon and evening fade
And disappear from view.

I see the sunset then unfold
The skies of amber turn to gold
The passion that I couldn’t hold
No love could be more true.

I remain as darkness falls
When echoes of my heartache calls
The sadness that I feel appals
If only I had you.

Thank you for visiting — comments and questions are always welcome.

Bye for now — take care! xxx

4 comentarios sobre “The Boxing Day Chestnut Tree

  1. Hello Lisa — yes, the table was very pretty and we repeated the layout over a few days, as well as the food! As for the chestnut tree, I think it’s a centenarian. The local sierra of Cordova used to have a lot of chestnut groves, but sadly, now there are hardly any left.
    I hope you had a good Christmas too.

    Me gusta

  2. Thank you! A good, homemade meal is a great way of bringing people together. I love chestnut trees, there are two types I know: horse chestnut and sweet chestnut. The first produces ‘conkers’ which we used to play with as kids, and the second, the edible chestnuts that are delicious roasted or boiled. Hope you have a good 2021!

    Me gusta

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