When is a donkey not a donkey?

As I was driving down my stony, dusty country lane on my way to Posadas (Cordova), I passed one of my neighbours:—

Poor guy — there’s not much forage after this hot summer… I’ll have to sling him a bale of hay next time I pass..

And I was immediately reminded of this quote of Idries Shah:

‘A donkey eats a melon, it remains a donkey’ (from The Commanding Self — I think…)


 Now I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was dim, because I do hold a higher degree in geology after all and would’ve finished my doctorate had it not been for my unforeseen relocation to Cordova  — but the words in that quote got me wondering a bit…

Does the quote imply that a donkey will stay a donkey even if it eats what humans eat? I.e. you can’t humanise a donkey and some things just won’t change because they are so set in their ways.

Or have I just got the wrong end of the stick?

But if my interpretation’s right, then I beg to differ.

I think donkeys (and other animals and humans) can change and adapt and humanise, and so in this case, though the donkey is still a donkey on the outside, how can we assess his progression, level and consciousness on the inside? Perhaps on the inside he has surpassed being a donkey after all…

(Courtesy of Canva)

Well, it’s all very mind-boggling! All I know is that donkeys do love melons and watermelons just as much as our neighbouring sheep go crazy for oranges!

Anyway, if any of you could shed some light on this matter I’d be very interested in hearing your explanations…

Thank you for visiting me — stay safe and well! x

4 comentarios sobre “When is a donkey not a donkey?

    1. Hello Marcus and Micah! Yes, this is very Spanish — a donkey under clear blue skies, very hot and a distinct lack of green under the olive trees. It is typical of Cordova province in inland Andalusia. And yes, let the donkey be whatever it wants to be — they are clever animals anyway! Thank you for your comment. Stay well and safe! x

      Me gusta

  1. Yes, things are bad again here — now we are one of the worst countries in Europe as far as the virus is concerned. Let’s hope things improve soon. When it does, then Andalusia is cetainly well worth a visit! Thank you, you too — and looking forward to following your blog, looks really interesting!

    Me gusta

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