The hope that nature brings

Hi folks, I’m back — but as you know, travel now has been severely curtailed here due to this devastating virus, so apart from this having had the effect of numbing my inspiration for writing, my outings and amateurish photography have been limited to my country (which is a privilege in itself). I am observing the quarantine as are the Malenans (inhabitants of Posadas), who have been also shown such solidarity, by, for example, volunteering to disinfect the streets and buildings and also to make face masks, which, in the space of a couple of days, they have managed to sew 1000 of them! I take my hat off to these volunteers and to all the other helpers, such as the doctors, nurses, carers, police, firemen/women, cleaners, transport service, people who are collaborating from home by putting up videos helping us employ our time constructively and many others — these, along with the people who are strictly observing quarantine at home are the true heroes. We have to fight this thing together, with unity and solidarity.

I am lucky to live in the country and have some freedom of movement, so I have been tending my weed-filled vegetable patch (aided by my daughter and also the cats and two dogs when they manage to wriggle under the wire fence — the animals, that is!) and I have also been doing a little photography of the flowers and trees that are steadily unfurling their leaves and coming into colourful, delicate bloom. So for this post, I would just like to share some of these photos with you all — nature is an inspiration in itself!

But to kick off, here is a photo of my wild asparagus cooked in spicy, herby tomato sauce, the recipe of which I wrote in my last blog (but unfortunately at that time, didn’t have a picture of!).

My cat Strawberry isn't much help with weeding the parsley and spinach patch in the garden
For the recipe of this wild asparagus dish, see my last blog. (The croutons are missing here, because I didn’t have any spare old bread — the dogs had first choice!)
The apricot tree is leafing after having flowered. Looking forward to making pots of jam and chutney — they make great presents!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures, and thanks for visiting my blog!

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